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Track #003 - Fundraiser Feelings - Fundforte Fast Tracks: The Blog

Updated: Oct 24, 2019

Hello everyone from everywhere!

Thank you so much for taking the time to follow the Fundforte Fast Tracks, blog, channel, and podcast! Welcome to track number 003, Fundraiser Feelings!

If you're reading up on the blog, listening in on the podcast or watching over on the channel, I just ask that you do so safely and responsibly by assuring your attention is set on matters that are urgent or important to the well being of yourself and others around you.

Thank you so much!

Now to get started, I simply asked the question of “What is the first feeling or thought when you hear the word 'fundraiser'?”

And this was a question that I placed on my personal Facebook page. For now, we’re going to go ahead and go into that just to see what some of the comments are.

Again the question was: “What is the first feeling or thought when you hear the word ‘fundraiser’ ?”

And we had the following people who submitted some answers:

Marilyn: Raffles!!! Jun: Beer Kiko: Complicated Shawn: Medical Lynn: Money Edna: Headache Amaka: Eye roll Mary Lou: Help Laine: People helping one another Tony-Vanessa: Someone is in need of assistance Q’s Rental: SUPPORT Courtney: Money or Get Together Jane: Help needed…Let’s do it! Jennifer: Not again!! Luis: Cash Emojis Jivan: Beneficial Debbie: Planning everything myself Loraina: Overwhelmed Ton: BEER Cruzario: Family or friends who come together to give financial help to a loved one in need of help, most commonly for medical reasons. And MOST of the time, it's not the individual whom is asking for the help, it's the family and friends who come together to do the fundraiser.....its the bond and the nature that we have to give help any way that we can. And coming together makes a big impact ❤

Liana: Carwash, King’s Night Lynn: What can I donate? Nancy: Helping to achieve a goal Vee Lynn: 🙋🏻‍♀️🤪🤙🏼 NJ: I’ll be there ... IF ANYTHING 🤭😅 Rachel: Time to get drunk Lucille: Giving Back Ace Art: It’s hard work Grace: Money, lol

These are some of the similar answers that people say once you ask them the same question. It’s always going to be about either money or personal experience that they’ve had, whether good or bad and that’s okay.

Now going back to Debbie’s comment, where she says “planning everything myself”, and again the question was “what is the first feeling or thought when you hear the word ‘fundraiser’?” So these are everyone’s opinions and we are so happy to be able to share that.

Debbie explains further when I ask, “why do you feel like you’re planning everything yourself ?” and she says, “I guess it’s because people know that fundraising is ‘my thing’, they know that I’m really good at reaching out, planning, organizing, etc…that people don’t feel like they need to help me.”

That is something that Debbie and I can definitely relate on as those are some of the things that Fundforte takes care of...the planning, organizing and reaching out to different vendors, community partners, and non-profits as well so that we can all work together to make a fundraiser come to fruition.

Now let’s read another comment by Amaka, who placed an eye-roll for her comment. So I asked if she could please further explain, as I’d love to understand what she felt.

She says, “Giving back is a good thing, but we can clearly sniff out the difference between giving back and just begging...Huge difference. We do believe in a little donation towards what we believe in...too much fundraising events kinda becomes “white noise”. Thus losing its purpose. 😊 I give this feedback with love ❤️” The word “fundraiser” is definitely something people find positives and negatives in, but this track is designated for us to go over some of the feelings that we get when we hear the word.

We want to try to change the norm.

We want to try and give people a new outlook on things because fundraising doesn’t have to be scary.

It doesn’t have to be negative. Fundraisers are something that we’re all coming together for a common goal.

When people are able to change their mindset on that, they’ll be able to support you and your cause further, as well as in the future and by funding you more.

So when you give them a great experience with your fundraisers and your events, you will be able to continue to do that for them and they’ll want to support you again and again.

In the next episode, we’ll talk about different ways that we can do that.

Thank you so much for your time!

Please subscribe, write some questions, comments or concerns or reach out to me at 1-671-788-9665, at the website at or through email at!

I look forward to hearing from you soon!

Have a great day!

-Beaudy Camacho Founder of Fundforte

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