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Track#008 Fundraiser Types - Fundforte Fast Tracks: The Blog

Hello everyone from everywhere! Thank you so much for taking the time to follow the Fundforte Fast Tracks, blog, channel, and podcast! Welcome to track number 008, Fundraiser Types! If you're reading up on the blog, listening in on the podcast or watching over on the channel, I just ask that you do so safely and responsibly by assuring your attention is set on matters that are urgent or important to the well being of yourself and others around you.

Just as a recap, we’ve covered track number 007, Fundraiser Categories to

learn different types of categories within fundraising.

Today we'll get to explore 15 Fundraiser Types that we here at Fundforte have recognized in our method as well. As mentioned before, there are so many ways to fundraise and your team needs to experiment with all of them to see what works best for your mission. You'll notice that the fundraiser methods, categories, and types are integrated and repeated throughout the Fundforte Fast Tracks Series. The reason being is that there are many different themes that can be applied, cross exchanged and integrated together. Again, save your notes in your journal or on a digital file so that you can transfer it to the printable worksheet when it is ready.


Fundraising Type #1: Traditional

  • When a fundraiser has been proven to be successful over time and its processes shared through many organizations, it is considered as a traditional fundraiser. It is a fundraiser type that holds many different categories within it, such as events like golf tournaments and benefit galas, raffles/sweepstakes, and collection programs. Traditional fundraisers work and are easy to implement with most participants having had some type of involvement and experience in a traditional fundraiser, there is a higher chance of success and to attaining your common fund goal.

Fundraising Type #2: Wacky

  • Need to attract your supporters' attention? A Wacky fundraiser is a way to go! Wacky fund-raisers are different, creative and against the norm, use these types of fundraisers to spark new ideas, energize your team and excite your supporters through fun, creativity, and wackiness!

Fundraising Type #3: Crafty

  • A crafty fundraiser is where items and services are hand-made by the host organizations and the team members involved. Many fundraiser categories can fall under this type of fundraiser because there is such a vast range of funding plans and programs that can be categorized as artsy and crafty.

Fundraising Type #4: Candy and Snacks

  • Candy and snacks are such a treat, things that most everyone eats! Here is another fundraiser type with a vast ability to implement with many categories. Candy and snacks are and can be sales fundraisers, an event focal point or theme, grams and giveaways fundraisers and much more!

Fundraising Type #5: Food and Drinks

  • Food & drink type fundraisers are always great and usually successful with high team participation. There are many ways to implement food & drink fundraisers through all categories.

Fundraising Type #6: Games, Contests, and Competitions

  • Having fun with fundraisers is always important to gain and retain your team and supporter interests. Games, contests, and competitions are fundraisers that need a goal to be met and offer incentives for participants and winners who played, attained or exceeded the goal.

Fundraising Type #7: Musical

  • Music makes the world go ’round and people come together! Use a musical fundraiser to bring your team together to enjoy the talent your members and supporters have to offer to everyone.

Fundraising Type #8: Go Green and Health

  • A go green / health fundraiser is themed towards healthy living and go green practices such as exercise, organic items, buy-local sustainability, reducing, reusing and recyclables. The more often we provide these types of fundraisers, the more of a norm it will become and our community will continue to practice them at home with ease and comfort for the better of all our futures.

Fundraising Type #9: Coins

  • Tired of change? Your common fund shouldn’t be! Coins are a great theme for fundraisers be-cause many supporters would be happy to provide what they have saved. Coins add-up fast, get ready!

Fundraising Type #10: Postage

  • A postage fundraiser uses mail systems to support the goals of your team & common fund.

Fundraising Type #11: Tech

  • Tech fundraisers offer products and services for the technology that your funders could use!

Fundraising Type #12: Online and Web-Based

  • An online or web-based fundraiser uses a website to host a fundraiser campaign.

Fundraising Type #13: Children

  • Fundraisers themed for children are usually a success when planned properly for their caregivers to show support. When the fun is the main attraction, fundraising success definitely follows along.

Fundraising Type #14: Adults

  • Adults can still have fun too! Humor and creativity play big roles in fundraisers themed for adults only. All fundraiser categories can be customized to fit in the adults' theme with proper planning, scheduling, and implementation. Fun, funny and timely fundraisers draw success to adult fundraising.

Fundraising Type #15: Animal Friends

  • Fundraisers themed for our animal friends and animal lovers are always great to try. Many people enjoy the company and experiences they can share that animal friends provide to us all!

In the next tracks, we’ll be discussing fundraiser foresight and the future!

Thank you again for following the Fundforte Fast Tracks, blog, channel, podcast and facebook group! You can find all this content, submit your questions, contact us and more at Please subscribe to the Fundforte Fast Track Membership at the website as well, for the free or paid plans. You can also follow us on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Pinterest, Youtube and Anchor for the freshest custom creative event solutions by Fundforte! Thank you and remember to make today a great one! -Beaudy Marea G. Camacho Founder of Fundforte

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