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Track#007 Fundraiser Categories - Fundforte Fast Tracks: The Blog

Hello everyone from everywhere! Thank you so much for taking the time to follow the Fundforte Fast Tracks, blog, channel, and podcast! Welcome to track number 007, Fundraiser Categories! If you're reading up on the blog, listening in on the podcast or watching over on the channel, I just ask that you do so safely and responsibly by assuring your attention is set on matters that are urgent or important to the well being of yourself and others around you.

Just as a recap, we’ve covered track number 006, Fundraiser In Progress to

learn what types of fundraisers you have in progress that are considered “old school” and "new school" methods that you are currently planning or have executed recently.

Today we'll get to explore 10 Fundraiser Categories that we here at Fundforte have recognized in our method as well.


Fundraising Category #1: Services

  • A service fundraiser is best defined as the fundraiser host offering help, labor, man-power, assistance, advice or guidance in exchange for payment towards the host’s common fund.

Fundraising Category #2: Events

  • An event fundraiser is a planned social occasion in support of a host’s common fund and could hold many different event elements and categories of fundraisers within it. It is a collection of planned occurrences and activities for patrons to experience and enjoy.

Fundraising Category #3: Raffles / Sweepstakes

  • A raffle is a means of raising money by selling tickets, each marked with a sequence of numbers, letters or codes, where one or more tickets are drawn at random. The holders who match their copies of the tickets randomly drawn win a prize. A sweepstakes offers a similar concept, whereas a supporter provides personal information to be filled in on an official form and enters it into a receptacle which collects all other entries. Most often, entrants must be present to win on the date of the sweepstakes drawing, or claim their prize before a certain date unless the prize will be given to the next eligible winner in line.

Fundraising Category #4: Games, Contests, and Competitions

  • To raise spirit, morale, and funds at the same time, games, contests, and competitions offer the host team the ability to strive to reach their team-building goals and fund-raising goals towards the common fund. Contributors offer their monetary and social support to advance themselves or their host team in the fundraiser until the time due and a winner is announced. Trophies, medals, funding, and other prizes are usually offered as incentives for participating in these types of fundraisers.

Fundraising Category #5: Grams and Giveaways

  • A gram is an item or collection of common items specially packaged with a personal message to the recipient. Giveaways are more of small gifts for a general audience and not specifically one recipient. Both items are pre-ordered, paid for, assembled and distributed on a schedule.

Fundraising Category #6: Products

  • This type of fundraiser is described as the selling of products made by the hosts, items available in stores, or a variation of exclusive items and availabilities to only the supporters of a host’s common fund. These can be pre-ordered or readily available items and of point-of-sale presentations.

Fundraising Category #7: Sponsorships and Donations

  • This fundraiser category is the act of soliciting or requesting companies, individuals and other organizations to sponsor or donate funds or in-kind items or services to make the host organizations objective, project or goal attainable and successful.

Fundraising Category #8: Online and Web-based

  • Websites that serve as platforms for garnering social support have connected to fundraising websites and various fund collection websites online. This attracts a large number of supporters from all over the world, which is where the term crowdfunding comes from. Funders contribute by selecting a support level they can accommodate. This, in turn, provides them perks towards the success of the overall campaign to benefit the host’s common fund. Other web-based collection websites offer a variety of other services as well, but charge fees for the collecting and processing of donations.

Fundraising Category #9: Loyalty Programs

  • Your supporters are most likely consumers of everyday products and services from businesses in your local community and online communities. There are also high chances that they repeat customers of the same businesses surrounding them. Loyalty Programs offer this group of your supporters discounts, coupons, and deals for items and services they continue to purchase every day.

Fundraising Category #10: Collection Programs

  • What better way to raise money than to simply ask for it? Collection programs offer the hosts to collect immediate funds and express their ideas, projects, and goals to their supporters or funders directly and personally. Other types of collection programs include the collecting of items that can be converted into cash for the value they are worth upon receipt, such as recyclables.

As mentioned before, there are so many ways to fundraise and your team needs to experiment with all of them to see what works best for your mission. You'll notice that the fundraiser methods, categories, and types are integrated and repeated throughout the blog. The reason being is that there are many different themes that can be applied, cross exchanged and integrated together. Again, save your notes in your journal or on a digital file so that you can transfer it to the printable worksheet when it is ready. In the next tracks, we’ll be discussing fundraiser types, foresight, and future!

Thank you again for following the Fundforte Fast Tracks, blog, channel, podcast and facebook group! You can find all this content, submit your questions, contact us and more at Please subscribe to the Fundforte Fast Track Membership at the website as well, for the free or paid plans. You can also follow us on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Pinterest, Youtube and Anchor for the freshest custom creative event solutions by Fundforte! Thank you and remember to make today a great one! -Beaudy Marea G. Camacho Founder of Fundforte

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