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Track #004 - Fundraiser Experiences - Fundforte Fast Tracks: The Blog

Updated: Oct 24, 2019

Hello everyone from everywhere!

Thank you so much for taking the time to follow the Fundforte Fast Tracks, blog, channel, and podcast! Welcome to track number 004, Fundraiser Experiences!

If you're reading up on the blog, listening in on the podcast or watching over on the channel, I just ask that you do so safely and responsibly by assuring your attention is set on matters that are urgent or important to the well being of yourself and others around you. Thank you so much!

Experience is everything, but having any experience is all due to having different perceptions and perspectives. Our differences are what make things beautiful, intriguing and amazing. As professionals, when we create events, fundraisers or programs, there is an expectation that is met while we plan, coordinate and execute our ideas.

That expectation is usually carried out to best serve the interest of those who are attending or participating. While we want to make sure that everyone has an amazing experience, it is quite challenging to understand that no matter how prepared you are, not everyone will have a cookie-cutter experience that you have envisioned for them as a guest.

There are so many outlying factors that contribute to a guest not enjoying themselves, the main three are their state of mind, their physical state, and their subconscious state and only they (whether they are aware of it yet or not) have complete control over that. The best thing you can do as a planner, is to create a safe space for everyone, have access to resources and personnel better equipped for any type of situation, and to inform the event host, if not yourself, of anything you sense may harmfully impact the event, fundraiser or program. In the next track, we will cover different forms of preparations that will enhance your planning skills.

Today, we continue to talk about experiences. The most obvious is that people will use their five basic senses when they join in on your event, fundraiser or program. They will see, hear, touch, taste and smell their surroundings and the presentations offered to them. As you plan, you will want to design the experience based on these core factors and ask yourself several questions as you continue your planning.

First: What is your participant going to (see, hear, touch, taste or smell) first?

Then ask: How will that make them feel? How does it make you feel? Is there anything you can improve? Is there anything you can add, omit or be prepared for?

As you experiment with the different situations that arise, you will tend to get creative, tweak your plans and come up with new ideas for the event, fundraiser or program enhancement and design.

As mentioned in our last track, feelings play a huge role when it comes to gathering more supporters for your club, company or organization. These people continue to support you because you have filled a need in the past, whether you have helped them, their loved ones or their passions. You have given them a well-designed experience in the form of a product or service, one way or another that they enjoy and expect from you with everything you create.

This is their experience with you, and this is their expectation of you. The best thing for you to do next is to either provide the same and be consistent or plan for something new, and exciting to keep things interesting to either retain them or attract others like them. The more you study your target audience, the better of an understanding you will have on the things they like and dislike. By knowing these elements, you will be able to create a safe space for them to experience and explore.

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I look forward to hearing from you soon!

Have a great day!

-Beaudy Camacho Founder of Fundforte

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