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One Dozen (12 Pack) Henna Mehandi Cone, Neha brand. Ingredients: Aqua, Henna, Benzyl Alcohol, Propylene Glycol, Terpineol, Polysaccharide, Eucalyptus Oil.

Best Quality Henna Used
Long lasting
Darker Colour on your Hands & Feet
25 G each cone (Net Wt. 300 g)
Enriched with Eucalyptus & other Special Oil
Can be used for temporary tattoos as well.

One Dozen Henna Cones

  • Decorate skin, hands, and feet with Neha Mehandi Cone with your favorite design & leave for a minimum of 2-3 hours, then peel off & wash gently with water only. For best results keep the Mehandi over night to get the darkest color. Neha Mehandi Cones is used for temporary tattoos, outliners, and body art, etc. Best Quality Henna used. Perfect for All Occasions like Weddings, Parties, Ceremonies & festivals. Each cone contains 25 g of ready to use Henna. Neha Mehandi Cone is a perfect product that works like a jewel on the body. Many people love to adorn her hands and feet & prefer ready to use mehandi cones because it makes drawing designs easy. Mehandi cones are thus most popular way of applying as they are convenient and easy to use. The Mehandi cones can be handled easily and are less messy. It is easy to store Mehandi in a cone. This cone already includes the unique combination of special oils which help in attaining the deep and attractive shades of natural henna color.

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