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Who is Feria! 2023 presented by?

Håfa Adai! We’re team Fundforte, and we are the producers of Feria! 2023. We have been in business for over 10 years on the island of Guam, offering assistance to corporations, entrepreneurs, nonprofits, and student leaders all around the world both in person and online since 2013.

What does "feria" mean?

In the CHamoru language, "feria" means an event such as a fair. FERIA also stands for: "Fundraising Exhibits Reaching Ideal Audiences".

Where is Feria! 2023 going to be held at?

Enjoy the beautiful ocean views from the Crystal Ballroom at the Lotte Hotel in Tumon, Guam!

How is Feria! 2023 beneficial to me?

Aside from the amazing information mentioned above, attending this event and taking advantage of the resources we have gathered for you save you and your organization time, funds, and energy from having to research, organize, and implement all this opportunity on your own. If you are unable to plan fundraisers and events for your organization, you will also have access to Fundforte-certified representatives that can help you grow your business, sustain your nonprofit, promote wellness as a leader, and advance your mission if your organization doesn’t already have a Fundforte- certified agent.

How can I become a Supporter?

You may register by pressing this link: BECOME A SUPPORTER

How can I join Team Fundforte?

You may register by pressing this link: SUBMIT AN APPLICATION

Who is Feria! 2023 for?

This fundraising fair is most ideal for representatives of nonprofit organizations, military/veteran leaders, government agencies, corporations, entrepreneurs, caregivers, educators, parent leaders, and students of all ages.

When is Feria! 2023 for?

Thursday, November 16th 2023 from 10am – 7pm, you may spend the whole day with us or budget about 3 hours to fully immerse in the exhibits and entertainment! But, if you need to just dine, drink, and dash, you will have an event app and a printed catalog for you to take home after checking in.

Why is Feria! 2023 being held?

Healing from the COVID-19 pandemic has shifted the economic tides of our island, leaving the people from many businesses, organizations, and agencies in opportunities to pivot as well. Some people have changed their positions, started new businesses, or even represented new companies after the pandemic. Feria! 2023 allows for the community to come together to reintroduce themselves as active members, providers, supporters, and vendors that can assist each other as the world continues to heal.

How can I become a Vendor?

You may register by pressing this link:  BECOME A VENDOR 

How can I become an Advertiser?

You may register by pressing this link: ADVERTISE WITH US

How may I join the press conference and download a press kit?

Register for the Press Conference here:



What is Feria! 2023 for?

This first annual event is to provide fundraising exhibits reaching ideal audiences, like the ones mentioned above for the opportunity to network, collaborate, hire, and book our island’s leading providers

Is there an events schedule available?

Yes, you may locate it here at this link:

Why are tickets priced as so?

As producers of Feria! 2023, we have planned, programmed, and prepared an exciting first-of-it’s-kind event! Enjoy food, refreshments, fun, and make friends with other leaders in this generous industry. We have also filled our event with research results, data, an app for the event guests, as well as an in-print catalog of businesses, and vendors that have supported the fair.  You'll be leaving the Feria 2023 admired, energized, and inspired to share what you've learned, and whom you've connected with, eager to tell your friends to go to the one we'll have next year!


How can I become a Sponsor?

You may register by pressing this link: BECOME A SPONSOR

How can I become a Volunteer?

You may register by pressing this link: BECOME A VOLUNTEER

How can I get in contact with the event producers?

Line 1 : 1-671-788-9665
Line 2 : 1-671-682-9668

Post: P.O. Box 10897 Tamuning Guam 96931

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