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What better way to make your celebrant feel special by having all their invitations, decorations, food, treats, entertainers, giveaways and more customized? Let us take your customized party to the heights! By providing superior planning, best-grade products, excellent services and top vendors, you'll be sure to provide splendor for your celebrant and dazzle your guests!

We provide customized plans from the start! We research your theme from the source they originate from be it a book, movie, cartoon, sport or more, without influence from other elements on the internet. (Unless you prefer something you see online, please send your wishes over!) We then sketch original ideas during the consultation meetings or render graphics to your approval. All other event elements are  designed, hand-crafted and ready for set-up. We also provide set-up, installation, decorating and  clean-up/sanitation and break-down services.

We look forward to assisting you!

It's your party, customize if you want to!


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